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What is of outmost importance when it comes to Risk Management Implementation is the easiness of the system to be used onboard vessels. The easiest way to provide a quick start onboard and ensure common standards across the fleet is to use a Risk pre - assessed library of Operations

We may provide a set of 100 - 150 Operations readily assessed in the light of practicality and best marine practice that may be fully tailored to your needs soonest.

The Library is containing readily available Job Hazard / Risk Assessments that will speed up the implementation of the Risk Project ashore and onboard regarding:

  • Safety Job Hazard / Risk Assessment
  • Operational Job Hazard / Risk Assessment
  • Maintenance Job Hazard / Risk Assessment
  • Health and Safety Job Hazard / Risk Assessment
  • Security Job Hazard / Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Job Hazard / Risk Assessment


Above Library of Job Hazards / Risk Assessments will be of high value regarding implementation of Job Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment.


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Contact us to get a full index of our Risk Library along with a sample for review


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