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Competency Manager

STCW 95 identifies specific competencies for every rank. International Safety Management Code and OCIMF's Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) request ship managers to ensure that every seafarer employed is competent to carry out his duties.

Since the human factor is a major contributor in up to 80% of marine accidents, new standards for crew competence certification are under development. However, shipping companies are driving by laying down experience and competence level requirements for each rank in accordance with STCW 95 which has become the highest standard for training.


Competency Manager offers a complete solution to ship managers (for bulk carrier and/or tankers) to carry out a competency assessment of their crew, as well as to help seafarers enhance their skills and career development potential.

It provides safeguards against false recruitment and/or identifies personal training needs.


Competency Manager is a software tool that:

  • Checks STCW Competencies per rank form a database of more than 1800 questions arranged in 350 topics and 20 categories, all presented with computer generated 3D graphics to enhance comprehension

  • Permit Company adjustment of specific requirements for every/all ranks with the aid of training assessor built-in module.

  • Ensures reliability (questions randomly generated, data are always encrypted) of the competency assessment.

  • Results are recorded at the end of the assessment, saved in database, and relevant certificate is printed.

  • Extra features provided (ability to add company?s specific assessment criteria, importing training database from remote stations like vessels or Manning Agents etc).

User Functions


Quick and easy way to create a new user by:

  • Selecting the Rank from the list of ranks

  • Enter the passport number

  • Enter the seaman's book number

  • Enter the first name & surname.

  • Enter date of birth.

  • Select his nationality from the list of 255 nationalities available

Select type of ship (bulk carrier or tanker in order to generate a set of questions applicable for the user

Notification of the User

On this screen the program notifies the User for the number of questions that he will be asked and the categories of questions relevant to his rank




The program draws the assessment questions in a random order

The question screen are presented with :

  • The topic category that the question has been drawn

  • The question (drawn from the database in random order)

  • Five multiple questions (in random order)

  • The ''steaming time'' in hours & minutes (ie the time the user has spent in the program)

  • The Total score achieved - based on the correct answers.

  • The ''ETC'' time (Estimated completion time) in hours & minute (ie the estimated time that is required to complete the assessment based on the user performance.

  • The User may skip any question that he things he is not sure about the answer. A second chance to answer them will be given to him at the end of the assessment.


Review screen of results

After all questions have been handled by the User (answered and / or skipped) the review screen of results is presented for the progress purpose.


More specifically the user is notified for the following:

1. Number of total questions asked
2. Number of correct answers
3. Number of fail questions
4. Number of skipped questions
5. Total time for the assessment's completion
6. Total score

The User may either select to continue Quiz in order to review/answer the skipped questions where he has to answer anyway the question, or, select to end the assessment and print his certificate

Results per Category

This screen shows all categories of topics (as per STCW 95) ,the score achieved per category and the total score.

Categories that are not relevant to the User's rank are shown with (-) in the result column.

Print Preview / Print functions are available for the user to print his certificate of completion.



The Administrator may search Users' database by either of the following ways:

  • Surname

  • Rank

  • Nationality

  • Passport Number

  • Seaman?s Book number

  • Score

  • Test Date

The User data panel provides to the Administrator detail analysis of the User's performance in field like:

Personal details, Number of questions asked, Time of completion (hrs:min:sec), Total score %,Correct answers, Failed answers,Skipped answers.

Furthermore, the topic categories of the questions asked are provided with the corresponding score / per category.

The Administrator may ''on the fly'' see the personal performance of any user.

Furthermore databases from remote station (like Manning Agent or vessels) can be sent by e-mail and viewed in the same way.

User's history performance

This function is used by the Administrator(s) to examine in detail any user's assessment.

You must first select any user from the file (application pathUsers).

With the buttons ''Next'' & ''Prev'' you can see all the questions set to the particular user and his response.

Furthermore you can print a list of all the questions & answers.

Assessment configuration

The Administrator has full access to the Users' database and is able to :

  • See the categories of questions applicable per department (Deck - Engine - Catering) (as defined in STCW95).

  • See the categories of questions applicable per group of ranks for Deck & Engine department (as defined in STCW95).

  • Be notified on the number of available questions per category.

  • Adjust the number of questions which will be asked per group of ranks and per category.






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