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Risk Manager

ISGOTT has introduced risk requirements for all permit to work systems (i.e entry to cargo tanks, pump room, enclosed spaces, hot works) as well as for loading operations, cargo measurement, ullaging, dipping & sampling).

TMSA requires implementation of risk assessments in all 4 stages starting with evaluation of any impact on all shipboard routine & non-routine tasks, and proceed with management of change risk assessment, effect on planned maintenance of critical equipment, on environmental & operational parameters change, on health & hygiene keeping always computerised database of all onboard & ashore generated risk assessments.

Proper execution & implementation of a risk assessment requires many variables to be taken into account by competent & well trained personnel. Therefore a formal system has been established in the office & onboard vessels and close cooperation to be effected from office & vessel personnel with respect to guidance & assistance.


A Risk Management Cycle requires four main steps:


1. Plan
  • Decide how risk requirements will be handled onboard & ashore

  • Design a practical risk assessment system, including list of operations to assessed, training, record keeping & monitoring

  • Define personnel involved

2. Do / Implement
  • Provide risk assessment system

  • Train people to risk theory & operation

  • Collect assessment & training records

3. Check / Monitor
  • Review / monitor the ongoing implementation of risk assessment system

4. Act / Improve
  • Identify the design, training & operational gaps

  • Improve overall system


The Risk Manager Software




The Risk Manager is a unique software designed to allow the user to create a Risk Assessment in the quickest and simplest way possible yet maintaining the importance of creating a Risk Assessment.



  • Suggests a List of Operations to be Risk Assessed

  • Includes pre-worked real life Risk Assessments (more than 250)

  • Sets a Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM) with follow up actions

  • Manages all the process from Hazard Identification to Risk assessment and Control Actions

  • Includes program management options

  • Provides office-Vessel communication via e-mails

What are the key benefits?

  • Extremely Practical Risk Assessment Concept, ideal for shipboard use

  • Easy control through office, common fleet standards employed

  • Data & training provided with very prompt implementation across fleet

  • Extremely integrated and cost effective solution




Create a Risk Assessment

The Risk Manager has been designed to allow the user to create a Risk Assessment in the quickest and simplest way possible yet maintaining the importance of creating a Risk Assessment.

Shipboard operations types (from which the user may select) have been categorized in: critical equipment, environmental, health & hygiene, maintenance, operational & security. However he might add his own defined one.


Each operation type is then detailed in group of actions or groups of equipment on which the risk assessment is about to be carried out.

Reference to the relevant SMS procedures and attachments of documents for easy reference provide supporting material to the people involved in the assessment.



Set Risk Assessment Team & Conditions

Definition of the people involved in the risk assessment with respect to their names and rank and their familiarity with the current assessment type.


Definition of conditions that the risk assessment is undergoing, such as place, time sea condition, air temperature etc are also entered for statistical reasons.



Hazard Description and Related Risk are set against Severity & Likelihood by the user.

The program calculates the risk rating and categorizes the risk in high, medium and low level (according to the risk assessment matrix settings). The status notification is automatically updated after control measures have been established



Description of Control Measures

In order to mitigate consequences of a hazard, control measures must be established by setting description of the control measures and reevaluation of the severity and likelihood.

Attachments of documents can be made by the user in order to give detail information on how the particular control measures can be implemented. Attached files can be anything from word documents, Sound files or video.

Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM)


RAM plays a very important role in the Risk Manager all values set here will be read from the Risk Manager and reflect in Risk Assessments.

The User has access to change setting in three areas that affect the hazards definition & control measures and preview how RAM has changed.

These areas are:

  • Operational status

  • Severity & consequences

  • Likelihood & frequency




Additional Modules


Print function

A single or multiple risk assessments records or a list of all assessments risks can be printed in a standard format.



Users management utility

Unlimited number of users can be created through a simple but specific process







Import / export risk assessment


The Risk Manager has a built in utility for easy Import/ Export of Risk Assessments.

Single or multiple set of Risk Assessments can be imported / exported.

Transmission between of such assessments is effected via e-mail as attachment.


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