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SMS Support & Maintenance



Starting any new project will require assessment of your existing systems and processes.

We may provide Gap Analysis against:

  • ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 / ISO 50001
  • ILO Maritime Labour Convention
  • Tanker Management & Self Assessment (TMSA)

On completion report will highlight:

  • List of deficiencies found (gaps) and categorisation of same
  • Analysis of actions required as necessary


We may provide:

  • Ánalysis and follow up on the identification of root causes and corrective / preventive actions
  • Response to PSC, Flag, Class and Rightship as necessary
  • Recommendations for Improvement & Lessons Learned analysis


ISM / ISPS Drills

Drill Pack is an MS WORD document developed to provide guidance and real life worked examples regarding a Ship / ShoreDrill.


  • Introduction to the Drill Scenario
  • Guidelines to the DPA or CSO for the Drill preparation
  • Guidelines to Master/ SO or SSO
  • Sample Scenario
  • Sample & messages records
  • Drill evaluation guidelines




SMS implementation requires a tremendous amount of the documentation to properly upkeep.

We provide FULL SMS support tailored to each client's specific needs including:

  1. Review existing SMS to fully fit client needs
  2. Development of initial ISM /ISO/ISPS system implementation instructions
  3. Continuous support including 24/7 full telephone / fax / mail support
  4. Support on Vessel reporting,analysis and follow up of N/Cs,incidents, near misses, drills etc.
  5. Visit ships for familiarisation, training, auditing and monitoring.


We provide a fully up to date support for all documentation placed onboard and ashore in line with the latest requirements covering:

  • Update on all SMS systems with Regulations due for implementation
  • Update on All Shipboard Manuals
  • Update on all Logs and Record Books onboard Vessels




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